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Colour and pattern are key when creating a unique bathroom. Especially as we move away from only choosing classic white sanitaryware and chrome fittings. And what better way to inject personality than by picking your perfect bathroom tiles? 

When trying to pick your perfect bathroom tiles, you’ll face lots of choice. From different materials to finding the design that just screams ‘you’, it’s always best to take your time.

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Patience is the key to success. Start by looking at what you need in terms of practicality. Do you have a wetroom or a walk-in shower? Make sure you pick bathroom tiles that have anti-slip properties, so the space is safe for everyone.

Or maybe you’re looking for a solution for your family bathroom? Apart from being anti slip, you’ll also want to pick bathroom tiles that are hard-wearing and easy to clean. These will withstand the demands of busy family life.

Once you’ve chosen a material, the really fun part begins: finding the right design. But where to start? What’s on trend right now?

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And how can Virtual Reality (VR) help make this easier?

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Add character to your room with terrazzo 

Hailing from Italy, this style has been gaining more and more popularity in the last few years.

Terrazzo is a versatile design that comes in almost every colour you can think of. It instantly makes your room feel effortlessly stylish.

Whether you pick bathroom tiles in a classic style with a white base and colourful chips, a black ground with elegant metallics, or go completely monochrome – there are no rules.

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This is your space, so it has to match your taste and your personality. Terrazzo has come a long way from the classic design, so shop around and let yourself explore what’s out there, to really make this trend yours.

Pick your perfect bathroom tiles using VR

Once you have made your choice, VR can help you get an idea of what the final result will look like.

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It’s an opportunity see how your perfect bathroom tiles work with your furniture and how they look in different lighting to confirm you really made the right choice.

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Your designer can show you what your space will look like in the morning, at night, with artificial and natural light.

And if something doesn’t quite work or you’re unsure about the colour, your designer can amend it right then and there – helping you find the ideal solution.

See your choices in 4D 

Virtual Worlds NEW

More than 300 showrooms use Virtual Worlds 4D VR technology. Arrange a visit to your local retailer who has Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre and talk to a designer about your plans, so they can draw up a layout.

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