Opulent gold brassware is the latest bathroom trend you need

Do you feel like your bathroom is missing that extra touch of glamour? We’ve got the perfect solution for you. Enter: gold brassware.

While brushed brass and matt black remain popular finishes in bathrooms, gleaming gold is now stealing the top-favourite spot. The best bit? This shiny, opulent finish is versatile and can instantly take your bathroom to the next level.

Blue and white basin with bright gold tap
Jasper tap, £560, London Basin Company.

For a truly glamorous look, you can opt for real gold-plated solutions. And, if you are on a budget, don’t worry – gold-effect brassware can help you get a similar aesthetic while not breaking the bank.

Intrigued? We’re bringing you the lowdown on this luxurious finish, from ways to welcome it into your bathroom to maintenance tips…

Large white bath tub with gold marble wall panelling and gold bath mixer tap next to a large marble and wooden vanity unit
MOD+ brassware collection in 24-carat gold, from £800, Graff.

Ways with gold brassware

Whether you want to go big with gold or simply upgrade your brassware, you can now find anything from taps and showers to drains and wastes, all wrapped up in shiny gold. But, why should you choose this finish? Mike Whitfield, interiors expert at Lusso Stone, explains: “As bathrooms are usually smaller in size, gold accents can have even more of an impact, transforming ordinary bathrooms into sophisticated spaces – something which can be hard to achieve due to the overt focus on practicality in these rooms.”

Gold brassware with white and burgundy walls
Push button bar diverter mixer shower, £219.99, Triton Showers.

This finish works with most styles – from traditional and more modern to Art Deco-inspired aesthetics. In terms of colour schemes, Sarah Williams, managing director at bathroom brand Armera, says gold accents pair well with all palettes – from warming up neutral bathrooms to adding contrast to bolder interiors. “Bathrooms can be at risk of feeling cold with hard materials such as the tiles on floors and walls, and therefore pops of gold create warmth in the room,” she says.

Gold is enough to make a statement on its own, however, Jamie Watkins, co-founder of Divine Savages, says anything neutral – from black to ivory – complements this finish and helps make it stand out even more.

Traditional bathroom with traditional basin and wlak-in shwoer
Guild collection, from £75, Burlington.

Match made in heaven

If you want to achieve a cohesive look, try matching your brassware to other elements in the bathroom, such as the hardware on the vanity unit or towel rails. “The most effective way to use gold in a bathroom is to choose matching gold bathroom accessories,” explains Mike. “From your taps and flush plate to the finishes in your shower, keeping this tone consistent throughout the room gives the space a harmonious and curated feel, which exudes refinement.” What’s not to love?

Choosing your new gold brassware from the same supplier is an easy way of achieving a sleek, uniform look. But if you’d like to source your bathroom products from different places, this could mean visiting showrooms to see how well they match in person.

Large rainfall shower and glass shower panel in a grey tiled showering space
Deluge on projection arm, price on application, Swadling Brassware.

Gold brassware maintenance tips

Usually, cleaning gold brassware is surprisingly easy – all you need is mild soap and a microfibre cloth. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that different gold finishes might require particular care. The way gold is applied to metal can drastically change its durability. PVD coating or electroplating, for example, ensures your brassware can withstand years of use while painted gold offers the look but not the longevity.

So, make sure you also check with the manufacturers about which cleaners to use, and it is always best practice to avoid harsh cleaners like bleach or anything too abrasive that will strip away the colour.

Now, are you ready to go glam?

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