VIDEO: How to get a wetroom-style bathroom

Trying to work out whether you want to replace your bath with a large walk-in shower because, well, the bath doesn’t really get much use as a bath? Fancy a spacious shower enclosure with a large overhead shower that feels that little bit more luxurious than your cramped corner cubicle?

Wetroom-style bathrooms are the modern way to get the convenience of a shower and the luxury of that high-end bathroom feel. Sitting flush to the floor level (or as flush as possible), a wetroom-style bathroom gives a seamless look that’s much easier to access, often much more roomy and – the biggie – easier to keep clean.

I spoke to Helen Norvall at HN Designs about the differences between a true wetroom and (the easier to create) wetroom-style bathroom. She has some great design tips and advice on how to get this project off the ground. Watch our chat below…

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The key tips I took away from this were:

  • A wetroom-style bathroom doesn’t need to be fully waterproofed (or tanked) like a true wetroom, which is more cost effective.
  • Floor level is KEY. A flush floor is the ideal outcome, but you need to make sure there are ‘falls’ for good water drainage too. Many trays have this built in, but if you’re tiling, speak to your designer to ensure good drainage – you don’t want water pooling!
  • Look at your showering habits – are you a step-out-and-shampoo type or do you like a good, long drenching? This will help choose not only the type of shower fittings, but where the drain is located too.
  • Floor tiles must be graded as anti-slip. A textured design is good.
  • Have fun with tiles to create colour and pattern in areas.
  • Don’t forget lighting! Make sure to have both practical task solutions as well as more relaxing ambient options for that spa-like feel.
  • It’s a room that you use on a daily basis, so make it as nice as you possibly can!
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Featured image: HN Designs

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