15 of the best sleep apps to help you get some shut-eye

Are you getting enough zzz’s?

Me? I’m not sure I’ve got 8 hours a night clocked up but I am lucky when it comes to actually falling asleep – my head hits the pillow and I’m out for the night. But it hasn’t always been this way, it’s taken me time (and the help of sleep apps) to learn how to quiet my mind enough to sink into a deep sleep, and stay asleep.

Nowadays there is an app for everything, sleeping included. Sleep apps can help you fall asleep and also track your rest periods with an insight into how you slept so you can optimise your snooze time. There are even apps to wake you up gently – say goodbye to that ear-splitting alarm, dragging you out of a deep sleep!

Here’s my list of 15 of the best sleep apps to track your sleep patterns, relax before bed and wake up gently. Give one of these these digital helpers a try for a restful night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!

sleep apps

1. Calm – discover daily mediations to help with stress and anxiety, and help aid sleep

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2. Headspace – lower your stress levels and rest better with this meditation app

3. Pillow – turn your iPhone into a sleep tracker

4. Relax Melodies – a soothing app for relaxing sounds, bedtime stories and sleep mediations

5. SleepScore – a tracking app that offers advice and insights

6. Sleepzy – this smart alarm that tracks sleep patterns and wakes you up in a natural way

7. SleepTime+ – a simple alarm clock which detects movements and wakes you gently

8. Noisli – listen to background sounds to help you relax

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9. Pzizz – hypnotic app designed to help you get a good power nap or get off to sleep

10. Digipill – combining guided meditation with music

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sleep apps

11. Lucid Dreamer – an app for dream journalling and reality checking, which can help you experience lucid dreams

12. White Noise – this uses the science of sound to help you get a better night’s rest

13. Twilight – automatically adjusts your device’s brightness to help you sleep better at night

14. Sleep Cycle – a smart alarm that tracks your sleep and wakes you gently

15. Autosleep – automatically tracks your sleep, with wellness features and sleep hygiene trends

Which one will you try first?

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