8 easy ways to update your bedroom

Your budget might not be prepared for a full bedroom renovation yet or the timing for a new project could be off, so here are eight ways you can easily update your bedroom. 

Refresh your bed with a new headboard 
I think about changing my bed at least once a month – why not change the headboard instead? One great way to give your bedroom an upgrade is by choosing a statement headboard. Go for a thin metal and wood frame for a minimalist look, or an upholstered headboard for a glamorous touch. You can have fun with it and change the entire look of your bedroom, simply based on the style you choose to go with. 
update your bedroom
Update your bed with the double Iona soft touch leather white headboard, from £649, The Headboard Workshop.
Create a cosy reading nook 
Do you know the lonely corner in your bedroom where barely any piece of furniture fits? You can add a comfortable armchair, a compact coffee table and the books you’ve been putting off reading and turn that plain corner into a cosy reading nook – plus, this way you will make better use of your space and liven up your bedroom.
This Didsbury Armchair in Aquaclean Velvet Soft Pink, £1,125, from Rose & Grey, is the perfect spot for reading a good book.
Revive your bedroom with wall art 
Do you have a couple of favourite images from your most recent holiday? Grab some sleek frames, like these neutral ones from Desenio, and hang them up on a bare wall – you can add personality to your room and have a reminder of some of your best times. Perhaps you would rather go for wallpaper – there is no need to dress all four walls. You can simply add contrast by choosing a unique wallpaper and laying it on the wall behind your bed, for example. You can create a relaxing sanctuary with a botanical print, or go with a bold print for a statement look. 
Open up your room with a mirror 
If you have a small bedroom, a full-length mirror can open up your room and make it look more spacious. Choose a vintage one with rough edges for a retro look, a sleek silver frame for a glamorous touch or a panelled mirror to add character to your room. With so many options available, you will definitely find one to fit your style. 
update your bedroom
This Georgian style panelled full length floor mirror, £220, from The French Bedroom Company, is a great way to make your bedroom feel more spacious.
Add a statement rug 
Refresh your bedroom’s aesthetic with a statement rug – go for striking prints in gorgeous shades to add a pop of colour to your bedroom. Pink and green are the hottest shades of the season – you can incorporate this trend in your bedroom by choosing a rug with this colour combo. 


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Declutter your bedside table 
If you are like me, your bedside table is filled with a tower of books you’ve been meaning to read, various tubs of hand cream and some chocolate stashed in the drawer for spontaneous cravings. Have a look at your bedside table, do you think it needs a little update? Then, declutter your bedside table and keep only the essentials – however, I could count all of the above mentioned as essentials…You can also free up your nightstand by getting rid of your lamps and going for an industrial look with pendant lights on each side of your bed. 
Add an industrial touch with this cork glass pendant light in chrome and cork, £54, from housecosy.
Thought about new handles? 
Your wardrobe needs some love, too! Swap the plain handles with a unique design in a gold or silver finish for an elegant touch. Pay attention to the small details in your bedroom and perfect those to ensure a polished look. 


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Change your cushions 
I truly believe you can never have enough cushions. One last easy way to update your bedroom is to get new cushions – bring the summer feeling in your bedroom with some colourful ones in vibrant shades of pink and blue, or go for soft neutral embellished cushions for a fresh look. 


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Featured image: iStock / KatarzynaBialasiewicz 

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