How to buy a bed: essential shopping tips

Blue bed

As I lay in my soft office, (aka my bed), I can’t help but feel it’s time for an upgrade. I think it’s a tell tale sign, as every time I move I can hear the creaks and crunches from the mattress springs underneath me.

Well, if this sounds like yours too – here’s a step by step guide on how to choose the right bed for you.

Know when to buy
Do you ever wake up with aching shoulders and pains in your back that mysteriously appear the minute you step out of bed in the morning? No, you’re not getting old, it may be down to your bed. It’s so important to put some thought into what you choose to sleep on. After all, getting some shut eye is key to having a good and productive day. In fact, we should be replacing our beds every ten years. If waking up in pain isn’t enough to get you down to your nearest showroom, another tell-tale sign is physical damage to your frame. Inevitably, it will become worn over a few years, and sleeping with damaged slats in the bedstead, equals poor-quality support and discomfort too.
Wooden bed frame

Wooden bed frames add elegance to your scheme. The Christo bed from Pinch costs £6850.

 The Mattress
Now,  I know I’m guilty here as my mattress hasn’t been replaced in over 10 years (or more) – no wonder I can’t remember the last time I had a decent night’s sleep. A large measure of the price of your new bed is what goes inside it – particularly the mattress. While you want your new piece of furniture to look good in your space – you should make time to research your options. A budget mattress will consist of a coil or open sprung unit connected at the top and bottom with minimal layers of upholstery, while more expensive ones will have many layers of fillings – such as memory and latex foam or natural ingredients like mohair, cashmere, horsehair and silk. While there are so many to choose from, it all depends on the kind of support you need. For example foam has anti-microbial properties, so they are good for allergy sufferers, but others may find it too hot to sleep on as it doesn’t breathe as natural materials do.

Choosing the right mattress is vital to have for a good night’s sleep. The Maranga mattress from Hastens is priced at £6,695.

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 Choose comfort
Test, test and more testing. While it may be awkward at first, going around a showroom laying on multiple beds – this is key to finding the best one, that’s right for you. The rage of tensions available vary from soft, medium and hard which are made to cater to different body weights, so don’t just look at the label – try before you buy.
Orange velvet bed

Add colour to a neutral scheme with a bold bed frame. The Alba bed is priced at £2149. Available from Heal’s.

Measure the space
While the bigger the frame, the better for comfort – remember to take note of the dimensions of your bedroom before popping into the showroom. The last thing you want is to try and lug your new bed through the window because it’s just two centimetres too wide to fit through the door frame. Also, you could consider choosing a slightly less expensive bed frame and put savings towards going for a larger one – especially if you’re sharing with someone. Having enough space to sleep is beneficial as this will give you a better night’s sleep.
Blue velvet bed

Choose a velvet headboard for comfort when reading a book or watching television. The Hattie blue velvet bed, is priced at £450. Available from Habitat.

Take care of it
Finally, once your new bed is in its pride of place, try not to make a habit of sitting on the edge – and don’t let the kids bounce on it.  Like any new purchase, check the care instructions to keep it looking at its best. For example, your new mattress may need turning from time to time, as this helps the upholstery fillings to settle more evenly. 
Colourful headboard

Add personality into your bedroom with a colourful headboard. The Yushan upholstered bed frame is priced at £669. Available from Original Bed Co.

Now after all that, I’m off to test out some new beds. Who’s coming with me? 

Featured image: Add a statement headboard to create a focal point in your bedroom. The Ariel upholstered bed is priced at £2410. Available from Sweetpea & Willow.

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