Square bedroom layout ideas

The bed is the central point for your bedroom layout

Do you have a square space, but don’t know how to maximise it? Fear not – we’re here to help.

A square space is straightforward but can feel boring. The key? Playing with shapes, textures, and your own personality. To give you an idea on how to create an interesting layout in your bedroom, we spoke to Roselind Wilson, owner and creative director at Roselind Wilson Design.

Here are her top tips and advice for making the most of your space…

Square bedroom layout ideas

“Square bedrooms are great spaces to work with, because the proportions are both functional and practical. Unlike a rectangular room, everything works well in a square space.

“Use the key elements to make the layout feel more interesting. This means making the most of the key pieces of furniture such as the bed, headboard, wardrobe, side and dressing tables to create an engaging, personal layout in your bedroom.

“In the guest bedroom of our Carlton Hill project, the team and I extended the bedside tables to create recessed floating storage units on either side of the bedhead. While these pieces are large, they project from the vertical wall and appear to float. This not only looks good, but naturally extends the eyeline and feeling of space, and helps to create an interesting layout in your bedroom in a cool and unexpected way.”

A bedroom layout
The Carlton Hill project by Roselind Wilson Design.
The Carlton Hill project by Roselind Wilson Design.

Ideas for interesting layouts

“Carlton Hill is a very classic design, but if you want to create a more contemporary feel, consider using a timber platform bed, for example, and extend the headboard so it continues travelling up the wall to return on the ceiling.

“Think about suspending pendant lights either side of the bed, which is an excellent contemporary look that’s both chic and functional,” says Roselind.

pink room with pendant lights
Gershwing wallpaper in Charleston Blush, £150 per roll, Divine Savages.

“Explore the wide range of flooring finishes on offer, have fun playing with different carpet shapes and patterns, and consider using suspended ceilings. It’s easy in uniform spaces, because everything is squared off and the dimensions remain equal and balanced. This will help to create a symmetrical layout and ensure everything fits in – the key elements of an interesting layout in your bedroom.

“A square space allows you to add interest by playing with colour and texture. Experiment, for example, by using contrasting textures. Take a very dimensionally balanced height – usually around 90cm to 1m, a standard, comfortable waist height – and treat the lower section with one finish and use another design above.

“This can be a variation of the wall covering, a new texture, or a contrasting colour such as our Carlton Hill project. It is an achievable and high-impact treatment, which can add a lot of fun and interest to your design. The beauty is that you really don’t have to do much more than use this feature to create an intriguing and imaginative bedroom design.”

sage green square bedroom layout ideas
Sunday Stroll and Gregory’s Den Claypaint, £54 for 2.5 litres each, Earthborn.

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Featured image: The Carlton Hill project featuring a square bedroom layout by Roselind Wilson Design.

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