How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom: the podcast!

Want to know what really goes into planning the perfect kitchen or bathroom? Course you do!

Well, drum roll please… I’d like to introduce you to: How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom, the podcast brought to you by It’s all very exciting over at TTR HQ, let me tell you.

So what’s How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom: the podcast all about? Well, whether you’re just starting to think about what your dream kitchen or bathroom could look like, or are right in the thick of planning, or you simply want to know how to confidently buy those all-important fixtures, fittings and finishing touches – from hobs and lighting to a freestanding bath and the right paint – you’re in the right place.

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Join me, Lindsay Blair, editor of and Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine, as I chat to those in the know about the ins and outs of getting the kitchen and bathroom you really want.

In each episode, I’ll uncovers how to buy a kitchen or bathroom, sharing plenty of clever nuggets of advice along the way.

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