6 ways to create a multi-functional kitchen

Multi-funtional kitchen

Before the pandemic, I know most of us were used to living in a busy city and having an even busier schedule. My home started to miss me at times – most of the rooms were jealous of my bedroom, where I’d spend most of my time  after work. Now that we’ve moved our lunch dates to the kitchen, our offices to the spare bedroom and spa sessions in the bathroom, it’s time to rethink our home design and make the most of the space with multi-functional layouts.

The kitchen is definitely one of the rooms I’ve started to spend more time in. Hands up – who took out their aprons and utensils and started cooking and baking like they were a contestant on The Great British Bake Off or Masterchef? Guilty verdict over here! Here are six ways to make the most of your space and create an effective multi-functional kitchen. You’ll be pleased to know that they include areas for you and the family – with quiet nooks to get some peace too.

The layout
The first step in achieving a multi-functional kitchen is to figure out the layout you want to go for. There are many options, from U-shaped and L-shaped to double gallery and double island – we have a guide right here to make it easier for you to find the right one. Turn your kitchen into the hub of the home by going for an open-plan kitchen. Forget the separating walls and integrate the living room or dining area in your kitchen design. This way, you will be able to cook and socialise with your family and friends, all in one open space. 

Go for an open-plan kitchen to create the perfect family hub. Design: The Shaker Kitchen Company Photography: Malcolm Menzies

The multi-purpose island
If an island is on your ‘dream kitchen’ wishlist, then choose a multi-functional one. Turn your kitchen island into the perfect dining spot with some stylish bar stools. You can incorporate a sink or a hob in your island to be able to cook some delicious food as well as spend time with your loved ones or you could go for one that has lots of drawers for you to stash your cooking essentials in.
Get ready for happy hour
Until we can return to pubs and restaurants, make sure you keep your drinks in the best condition. You can either incorporate a wine storage unit within your kitchen island or bring a separate freestanding wine rack to the scheme. By keeping your wines at the right temperature, they will age properly, and I guarantee that drinking a glass of Sauvignon will be even more enjoyable. 
Try open shelving for easy access
Do you know the feeling of having your hands stuck in a dough and needing to add a little bit more salt or oil? Well, instead of leaving fingerprints all over your glossy cupboard drawers, display your favourite ingredients on shelves. Open shelving has become a popular design in many kitchens – it looks good and it’s very practical. Well, they are great until you have to dust them off… But at least you will have all of your essentials on hand. 

Display your favourite spices and cooking ingredients on shelves. Design: Masterclass Kitchens Photography: Paul Craig

Make sure you have lots of storage
I must admit, I dream of having a breakfast cupboard where I can nicely organise all my pasta, rice, biscuits, jams and canned goods. Plus, you can include your toaster, coffee machine and your collection of mugs in there, too! A breakfast cupboard is a great way to keep your kitchen tidy and minimal and have that extra storage space. 

This gorgeous breakfast cupboard from Brayer Design is perfect for having extra storage in your kitchen.

Why not go smart with your appliances?
Ease your housework and take your cooking to the next level with smart appliances – from Smeg’s Blast Chiller which can freeze, cool, and even heat to Samsung’s clever fridge-freezers that track food expiry dates, give you inspiration for recipes and organise your schedule. They even have built-in cameras that link to your phone! Imagine going food shopping and taking a peek in your fridge to check if you’ve run out of eggs.  

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Featured image: iStock/ hikesterson

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