Architects on Instagram who you should be following

Architects on Instagram

Interior designers, architects, and kitchen, bedroom and bathroom experts can all be found on social media nowadays – which is so lucky. Because this means their valuable industry knowledge is just one swipe away.

Apps have become a big part of our daily lives, which is great, because this means the abundance of inspiration from interiors specialists is piped straight to our screens. So you need to take a look at these architects on Instagram who kindly share their show-stopping projects, plus expert tips and tricks, providing the ultimate place to get inspired.

So, are you ready to hit the blue button? Then let’s begin, shall we?

Architects on Instagram

Firstly: based in East London and founded in 2017 by Kate Clare, the studio specialises in creative architecture and interior design. They focus mainly on residential projects, from large houses to compact flats in London. So how amazing is it that they’ve designed a UK first cladding system for blogger Pink House Living?
As you can imagine, their Instagram is filled with inspirational pictures of bold projects, just like their name suggests. So, if you’re looking to design a fun yet functional space, then Loud is a great place to get your creative juices going.
Firstly, are you lacking inspiration for your home? Secondly, are you in need of help with the refurbishment? Well, that’s where architects on Instagram come in handy. Whether you’re looking to revamp the kitchen, transform your bathroom or create a show-stopping entryway in your new house (you seriously need to take a peek at their projects), then at MW Architects, you’ll discover brilliant and innovative design ideas for all your rooms.
There’s plenty to see but my personal favourite, which we’ve also featured in the July issue of KBB magazine, is the stunning glass extension pictured below. So, check out their Instagram to see more.

More architects on Instagram

Secondly: established in 2006 by Georgina Turvey and associate Neal Newland, PEEK Architecture + Design studio is based in Soho, London. As they specialise in architecture and interior design practice, throughout the years they’ve built an impressive portfolio of residential projects – luxurious apartments, stand-out houses and gorgeous interiors included.
For instance, you can spot anything from chic ensuites and lush kitchens to cool sitting rooms with vaulted ceilings on their Instagram account – so it’s definitely worth taking a look at.
Thirdly in our list of architects on Instagram is EMR Architecture, who are based in in Fulham with projects throughout London. They create high-end luxury residential homes, so when I say luxury, I mean luxury. For example, they specialise in grand glazing and clever conversions and extensions using high-quality materials.
However, I have a question for you – has an Instagram account ever made you want to teleport to that exact location? So, same here. When I spotted EMR Architecture’s project in Paros Island, therefore, I knew I didn’t have any choice but to share it here on These Three Rooms. If you want to see more stunning projects, then go have a snoop around their Instagram grid.
Lastly in our list of architects on Instagram, we have the boutique architecture and design studio Kaap studio architects. It’s led by Aphrodite Kavallieraki, who established the business in 2015 out of her desire to return to her passion, as it was so strong. So their projects feature smart layouts, stunning materials and eye-catching design focuses.
Ensure you pop by their Instagram page to discover architecture inspiration for your new renovation from their brimming portfolio of clients. Picture spaces filled with light, stunning bespoke joinery and playful colour and texture combinations – so chic.

In conclusion, there’s no doubt that a renovation project wouldn’t be the same with the expertise of architects. If you’re looking for specialists in this field with innovative vision, then I hope one of these architects on Instagram is going to be on the same wavelength as you.

So, have you enjoyed this piece on architects on Instagram? Then why not check out these interior designers on Instagram you should be following right now? As you can see, I certainly had plenty of fun researching and discovering brilliant accounts that will add value to your screen time.

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