Power solutions for the kitchen and home office

Hidden power outlets

Power solutions for the kitchen are coming up in this feature. So how does no more running around looking for the charger with 1% battery on your laptop sound? Ideal? I think so too! If you’ve moved your work office to the kitchen and are constantly getting tangled up in cables and chargers, I’ve found some power solutions to help upgrade your work-from-home spot.

From hidden outlets in your island to pop-up sockets, here are some clever power solutions for the kitchen that will make working from home a bit easier…

Built-in power sockets

Did you move your office to the kitchen when life took an unexpected turn thanks to lockdown? Then here are a list of power solutions for the kitchen.

If a kitchen island is on your dream home wishlist, then go for a multi-functional design. This will make the most of your space. Make sure to integrate power outlets under the bar area or on the side of the island. This way you’ll have easy access to charge your laptop or phone while still being able to carry on working.

Harvey Jones kitchen designer Matt Baker said that “including power sources near the dining table or in a kitchen island has become a necessity, with many of us transforming our kitchens into makeshift home offices over the last year.”

But when considering power solutions for the kitchen, remember that cabling will need to be laid first

When it comes to the installation process and safety measures “a practical thing to keep in mind if opting for power points integrated in an island is that cabling will need to be laid before a screed is put down. Sockets can then be fitted before the worktops are installed. I’d urge every customer to go with sockets that have USB slots in them, as most of our tech uses these to charge,” he said.

Power solutions for kitchen
A socket on the side of the island is super useful for gadgets as well as small appliances. Something to think about when considering power solutions for the kitchen. Shaker kitchen from £20,000, Harvey Jones.
Pop sockets under the breakfast bar too to avoid trailing cables across the kitchen. Kitchen design by Bell. Photography: Rachael Smith.
Power solutions for kitchen
Always plan where to put your power outlets early in the process of your kitchen project, so you have enough power solutions for the kitchen. Think carefully about where you’ll place everything that needs a power source and include some extras too – just in case. Kitchen design by Burlanes Interiors. Photography: Adam Carter.

Power up your dining area

Got a small space? If you’re designing your dream kitchen, “consider a split level island with integrated plug sockets to differentiate the dining space from the working space, and help get work equipment tidied away at the end of the day,” said Benchmarx design expert Julia Trendell. So, turn your dining area into the perfect work-from-home spot during the day that you can easily pack away once you clock off. Any power solutions for the kitchen will still be handy when you stop working.

Power solutions for kitchen
Benchmarx Soho light grey kitchen, shown with Woodstone laminate worktop around sink and Herregards Oak table, from £1,626 for an eight-cupboard kitchen, excluding worktops and appliances.

Pop-up power solutions for the kitchen

Hidden power sockets are a great way to keep a clutter-free home office and a sleek kitchen design. Be it built-in your kitchen island or in a plain corner, these pull-up power solution will save you space and time. Go for a model that has plenty of sockets and USB ports. Cleverly match it to your worktop surface or choose a metallic accent to add interest to your design.

Power solutions for the kitchen
SensioPod+ 3x Power Sockets and USB in Polished Chrome, £144.86, Sensio.
Power solutions for kitchen
The S-Box Pop Up Power hidden socket. One of our favourite power solutions for the kitchen.

Work with existing power sources

Don’t have space for an island or penisula to act as your working area? Then if you’ve got a plain corner in your kitchen design next to a power outlet, that’s where you can add some shelves and a wall-hung desk. So extend your kitchen layout and include a neat home office to get the most out of unused space and those isolated power sources.

Trend Interiors managing director Mark Mills thinks it is really important to choose a kitchen design that works with your work-from-home lifestyle. “Think about who uses the space and how you want to use the space at different times of the day. Using a power source that already exists is very convenient and ensures connectivity all round without the hazards of extension cables,” he says.

Power solutions for kitchen
Handy power solutions for the kitchen have been added opposite the island here. Day True kitchens start from £25,000.
An office area is located to the end of this kitchen space and blends seamlessly thanks to matching furniture. Porcelain soft matt slab door with UrbanTop Burnt Bronze worktop, from £5,000, Trend Interiors.
Porcelain soft matt slab door with UrbanTop Burnt Bronze worktop home office, from £1,500, Trend Interiors.

Easy solutions

If you’re simply looking for a quick fix to your home office needs, there are sleek designs that can rest on your desk and charge multiple devices at once. Be it a dual power socket or a tower-like extension lead, these charging stations will come in handy.

USB power station (surface mount) with 2 sockets and 2 USB chargers in Stainless Steel, £33.99, See Switches.
10 socket and USB tower, £22.99, VonHaus.

Snap a picture of your work-from-home spot and use #kbbmag on Instagram to show us your clever designs.

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