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Drumroll: How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom Series 3 has dropped in your podcast app. Yes, it’s the podcast we’ve all been waiting for, here at last. And we have SO MANY exciting episodes for you to stream. Here’s a rundown of all the thrilling topics in store for you this series.

Series 3 of How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom is here. That’s right: 10 brand new episodes await, ready for you to listen to at your leisure. So, are you in need of tips and tricks to help you plan your perfect kitchen or bathroom? Then stay tuned, as KBB magazine editor Lindsay Blair is back with even more episodes filled to the brim with design know how.

In this series, she’s joined by experts to discuss all kinds of fascinating topics. These include choosing appliances, being more eco-friendly in your kitchen choice and creating a wow-factor cloakroom. Then there’s how to carve out a bit of me-time with a bathroom made for pampering – plus answers to your design dilemmas, of course. In addition, there’ll be loads of ideas and inspiration for your very own projects, as well as some good old chit chat.  

So here’s what you have to look forward to…

How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom Series 3: the episodes

Installation: how long will you have to wait?  

Firstly in How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom Series 3, host Lindsay Blair is talking kitchen and bathroom installation. Demand has spiked since the pandemic began, so longer lead times and waiting lists for trades are common. But what can you do to help your project run as smoothly as possible? Also, is there a way to get your dream kitchen and bathroom installed without the wait?  

Lindsay chats to Mark Conacher at installation specialists Liberty to get to the bottom of the issues currently facing renovators up and down the country. Then they discuss what you can do to keep everything moving. 

A glossy indoor-outdoor kitchen to illustrate the podcast How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom Series 3
Collaborative ‘indoor-outdoor’ kitchen design from The Myers Touch and AR Design Studio. Photography: Paul Craig.
Can you really have a sustainable kitchen? 

Secondly in How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom Series 3, it’s all about sustainability. Host Lindsay Blair asks what it really means to have a sustainable kitchen.  

So there are eco-friendly buys and tips for reducing our carbon footprint. Then Lindsay discusses ways to reduce single-use plastic and tackle food waste. She chats to Zoe Holland of Sustainable Kitchens about how you can design your space with the planet in mind, right from the start of a project.  

In addition, they talk about how to feel confident that something you’re buying is truly sustainable. Also: what should you do with your old kitchen to stop it going to landfill? You can find out now.

A green Shaker kitchen to illustrate the podcast How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom Series 3
Green Shaker kitchen with brass accents, price on application, Sustainable Kitchens. Aged brass tap, Perrin & Rowe. Photography: Charlie O’Beirne, Lukonic.
Would you buy a second-hand kitchen?

Thirdly in How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom Series 3, we’re talking pre-loved installations. This episode, host Lindsay Blair hands over the reins to @kbbmagazine’s Georgina Townshend. She asks: would you buy a second-hand kitchen? 

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Georgina chats to Helen Lord of Used Kitchen Exchange and Rob Cole of Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens about the pros and cons of buying a used kitchen, how to do it and what’s involved, and why it’s a more eco-friendly option. Plus, they discuss what it really means to have a kitchen design that’s good for the planet.

A glossy pink kitchen to illustrate the podcast How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom Series 3
Pre-loved kitchen from Used Kitchen Exchange.
Cloakrooms: Cool ideas for your downstairs loo 

Next up, host Lindsay Blair looks at the smallest room in the house: the downstairs toilet. The goal: to find out how even this most compact of spaces can pack a big style punch and become the envy of any guests who use it.  

With the help of interior designer Chantel Elshout, Lindsay discovers clever design tricks to make this room feel more spacious and finds out how to choose the right fittings. She also encourages you to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to decorating to create a design that’s fun, stylish and functional all-in-one. 

A green bathroom to illustrate the podcast How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom Series 3
Balham bathroom designed by Chantel Elshout.
Shhh… need some quiet in your kitchen? 

We’re speaking very softly on this episode of How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom Series 3.

Can’t hear yourself think over the sound of the washing machine on its spin cycle? Kettle too loud? Extractor drowning out conversation? Enter: quiet appliances. 

This week, Lindsay Blair is on a mission to discover how the products we put into our kitchens can have an impact on how we feel in our homes. With noise a proven contributor to stress, she talks to Poppy Szkiler, founder and CEO of Quietmark, about how we can live better by considering how much noise our spaces make. From thinking about the beeps and whirrs of appliances to the sound level of our fixtures and fittings, Poppy has interesting insights into how we can lead a more peaceful life. 

Curious? Give this one a listen. 

A shaker kitchen to illustrate the podcast How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom Series 3
The Butler Collection in Chicory, prices from £20,000, Tom Howley. 

More exciting episodes heading your way

How to create a spa bathroom

If you’re in need of some relaxation, this episode of How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom Series 3 is for you.  

Host Lindsay Blair asks KBB magazine’s content creator Irina Iacob what it takes to create the ultimate sanctuary bathroom right at home. 

Irina talks to interior designer Kia Stanford about why the desire for spa-style bathrooms is on the rise. They discuss how to create one in your home and what you simply have to have in there to make it a relaxing haven you won’t want to leave.

A glossy bathroom to illustrate the podcast How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom Series 3
Notting Hill bathroom from Kia Designs.
Small kitchen? No problem 

Is your kitchen on the smaller side? Need ideas on how to maximise the space? Then this episode is for you.  

While many of us dream of large, open-plan kitchens, in reality this isn’t always possible. So in this episode, host Lindsay Blair shows some love for compact spaces and unveils ways to really make the most of them.  

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She is joined by interior designer Pia Pelkonen of Pia Design. Together, they share ideas and tips for designing a small kitchen well. They cover the best layouts and how to fit in the appliances you need. They also discuss how to ensure there’s enough storage and why colour and pattern could work really well, even when space is tight.

Peacock House kitchen from Pia Design. Photography: Anna Yanovski.
Inclusive bathrooms & how to future proof your space 

This week, host Lindsay Blair talks inclusive bathroom design and how to future-proof your space so it works for years to come. From carefully considering the room layout to the choice of fixtures and fittings, she finds out how important it is to ensure what you put in your bathroom will suit the needs of everyone using it. 

With many variables that are very personal to whoever uses the bathroom in question, Lindsay is joined by Ed Warner, founder and CEO of Fine & Able, a company which specialises in designing accessible bathrooms, to discuss the many ways in which a room can be created to cater to individual needs while maintaining a stylish design that’s a joy to use. 

It is absolutely possible to marry inclusivity, future-proofing and good function with great-looking design, so give this one a listen now to find out more… 

Bathroom design by Fine & Able.
Choosing the appliances you REALLY need

This week on How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom, host Lindsay Blair is joined by celebrity chef and TV presenter Simon Rimmer. Simon is best known for co-hosting Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. The pair chat about how to choose the appliances you really need in your new kitchen. 

So Lindsay asks how to narrow down the kit you’ll use most in a kitchen. Then the two discuss what to think about before buying new appliances. Lastly, they chat about which appliances are a must have and which you could actually do without.   

Blue shaker kitchen, from £10000, Olive and Barr.
The top 10 kitchen and bathroom questions answered 

Lastly in this series of How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom, host Lindsay Blair is again joined by KBB Magazine’s Georgina Townshend. However, this time the pair team up to tackle some of the most-asked kitchen and bathroom questions. So, they’ve asked kitchen and bathroom retailers up and down the country to let them know which questions they get asked most by homeowners. There’s everything from how to fit an island into a kitchen, to working out how much a new kitchen or bathroom will cost. Then Lindsay and Georgina chat through each of the top 10 questions. They come up with the answers, including tips and design ideas for you to take into your own renovation.  

Structured breakfast bar from Life Kitchens.

So this is one series you definitely need to stream. Tune in and make sure you subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Here’s Episode 10 – enjoy!

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