QUIZ: what style of kitchen cabinets is right for you?

Who doesn’t love a quiz? I know I’ve – once or twice – taken one on what I should have for lunch that day, or what my spiritual animal is. Well, I have a great one on cabinet styles for you my friends – it might even help you narrow down what style of kitchen to go for…

Too many choices of kitchen style to go for? Do you wish someone could just tell you what you want? (Or more to the point, didn’t want?)

Well, why not take our quiz to find out? Perhaps you’re a modern shaker type of person, who likes to mix old with new, or a handless enthusiast – the sleeker the better.

Or, are you more of a traditional fan, who wants to replicate the period of their property in their kitchen scheme?

Right, how does the quiz work? Simply tick which option you think is right for you, and then continue on to the next question, and repeat! (Too obvious?)

So, what style of kitchen cabinets is right for you?

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Featured image: Clockwise from from top left: Designspace London, Burbridge, Designspace London, Roundhouse

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