Pancake Day 2024: Pretty pans, utensils and handy mixers

Pancake Day

Pans up – are you looking forward to Pancake Day 2024? I’ve already got the mix and toppings planned out – zesty jams, sweet syrups, fresh fruits, crushed nuts, chocolate spreads… mouth watering? Same here.

With not long to go until Pancake Day 2024, I’ve gathered an array of slim pans, handy mixers and pretty utensils to help you prepare sweet and savoury treats for the whole family. 

Ready to put on your apron and roll up those sleeves? Then let’s begin…

Your complete pancake prep kit

If you are looking to upgrade your cooking kit with new measuring spoons, colourful utensils, or a statement apron, I’ve got you covered. These are just a few of the products on my radar for Pancake Day 2024 that I think you’ll enjoy too. Happy shopping!

 Pancake essentials kit with spatulas, measuring spoons, apron and jugs
1. Transylvanian Roots heirloom apron, £77, Mindthegap. 2. Grey stoneware mixing bowl, £24, Marquis & Dave. 3. Funky premium classic zester in Ombre, £17.95, Microplane. 4. Botanic Garden Harmony measuring spoons, £29, Portmeirion. 5. Emma Bridgewater Pancake batter jug, £40, available at Daisy Park. 6. Kitchenaid three-piece birchwood baking set with pastry brush, spoon spatula, and mixer spatula, £17.99, Cook Serve Enjoy. 7 Pastel measuring spoons, £12.95, The Northern Line. 8. Walnut wood spatula, £7.50 for a large design, Bohemia.

Countertop appliances for perfect batter

Whether you’re making pancakes for one this Shrove Tuesday or need to cater to the entire family, a small and handy gadget is sure to ease the job while also saving you time. So why not upgrade to a new mixer that looks pretty, too?

Small appliances – hand mixers and pink stand mixer
1. HMF01PBUK hand mixer in pastel blue, £149.95, Smeg. 2. Artisan stand mixer in Hibiscus, £699, Kitchenaid. 3. Hand mixer in Polished stainless steel, £69.56, Dualit.

The perfect pan

Now let’s get to cooking. Are you a crêpe lover or do you prefer soft and fluffy American-style or are Japanese-style pancakes your thing? Either way, theses non stick pans are suitable for both gas and induction hobs – check them out…

Delicious, sweet pancakes with fruits pictured on cookware with a wooden handle
Celebrate Pancake Day with the stand-out STAUB 28 cm cast iron pancake pan with wooden handle, £89.95, available at Zwilling. Photography: STAUB and Naturally.B
Red nonstick frying pan from Smeg
Perfect your pancake skills with help from the CKFF3001RDM frying pan in red, £99 for a 24cm pan, Smeg.
Crêpe cookware with wooden râteau
The Le Creuset Crêpe pan comes with a râteau non stick cookware, £159.99, available from Amazon, to make spreading your mix easier and quicker.
Slim, nonstick cookware for crêpes
Love crêpes? Why not go for the Copenhagen pancake pan 28cm, £65, GreenPan?
Simple pancake pan
Need a pan last minute? Go for the 24cm aluminium pancake pan, £16, Dunelm.
selection of slim frying cookware
1. Valencia non-stick 28cm pancake pan, £68.72, GreenPan. 2. B55509 Easy cook and clean crepe pan 25 cm, £26.93, Tefal. 3. RH02852EU7 Metallic marble crepe and pancake frying pan, £23, Russell Hobbs. 4. Non-stick crepe pan, £29.99, Sensarte. 5. Cast aluminium induction pancake pan, £26.43, MasterClass.

Pancake makers

And, if you are more into modern kitchen gadgets rather than the classic pan, here are some great small appliances for perfectly fried pancakes…

Waffle and pancake maker with savoury treats
Or perhaps this 2-in-1 waffle and pancake maker, £118.95, from Cuisinart, available from Amazon will help you nail Shrove Tuesday celebrations?
pancake makers
1. Electric pancake maker, £24.99, Quest. 2. Mini electric pancake maker in Silver, £19.99, Lakeland. 3. Double American pancake maker, £56.63, Unold. 4 Crepe Party in Stainless Steel, £74.53, Tefal.

I hope you are now prepared and ready to nail Pancake Day 2024 – enjoy!

Want to make home baking easier? Check out these five small appliances

Featured images from left to right: Staub, Smeg and Cuisinart.

While this article contains affiliate links, by which we earn a commission, we make sure to only pick products that we love.

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