Pretty and practical U-shaped kitchen layout ideas

Hey U! Are you planning a renovation and need inspiration on maximising your space while improving its practicality factor? Enter: U-shaped kitchens…

The U-shaped kitchen layout works well in large spaces as well as more compact areas. “A U-shaped kitchen is a classic design and is perfect for smaller kitchens; placing cabinetry around the perimeter of the room makes sure that space is fully utilised,” explains Richard Moore, design director at Martin Moore.

This classic layout helps keep your kitchen organised and ensures good flow, making preparing and cooking meals or hosting easier. “This kitchen is a perfect example of how a carefully planned U-shaped kitchen can be both practical and stylish. It’s carefully zoned so that the fridge, sink and cooker form a triangle so that everything is close to hand, and clever use of cabinetry provides ample storage space,” adds Richard.

Read on to discover more about the popular U-shaped kitchen layout…

Black and white kitchen with built-in appliances, bar stools and dark worktops
Harvard kitchen in Pebble with contrasting charcoal worktop, price on application, Symphony.

How to design a U-shaped kitchen

Although this kitchen layout seems straightforward, there are a few key things you need to get right at the design stage. Luckily, Richard Atkins, managing director at DesignSpace London, shares his top tips:

  • While U-shaped kitchens provide plenty of storage space, the corner areas require more consideration during the design process to maximise what could be lost space. There are many corner solutions available to suit different purposes.
  • When putting together a U-shaped scheme, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient access space to allow for the dishwasher to be opened fully while not blocking the use of any important working zones.
  • Wider doors should be avoided if the U-shaped kitchen is small.
  • Careful planning of wall units should also be considered to avoid a closed-in feel.
  • Be creative – one end of the U-shaped kitchen can be a peninsula. For example, it could be used as a breakfast bar with units on both sides under the worktop area, to allow for more storage space.
Ultra modern kitchen with peninsula and bar stools
Modern and minimalist kitchen design, price on application, DesignSpace London.

Now, here are some brilliant real projects to help get your moodboard going…

U-shaped kitchen ideas

Stainless steel kitchen in a modern London flat
Stephen Kavanagh Architects were tasked with redesigning the layout of the space. The modern cabinetry – made from stainless steel by Cavendish Equipment – along with a statement cooker hood by Westin, creates a true chef’s kitchen look while also leaning into the industrial style of the flat. Beautiful, right? Photography: Megan Taylor.
Kitchen with built in banquette seating
This dark kitchen design includes practical cabinetry from Higham Furniture, prices start from £35,000, as well as pretty built-in banquette seating. Photography: Chris Snook.
white and blue classic kitchen with wall units, matt black tap and sleek hob
Martin Moore has created a beautiful U-shaped kitchen with units from its Umbra range, from £45,000, in a compact space. The kitchen shape fits neatly into the corner of the room and maximises every inch of the space.
Dark floor-to-ceiling cabinets with fluted wall cabinets
This U-shaped kitchen sits in the corner of the room, which helps create a broken-plan effect. Linje kitchen by Smile Kitchens, from £2,830.

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