Ways to use stainless steel in your kitchen

stainless steel kitchen

Look around any kitchen and you’ll spot stainless steel everywhere.

Stainless steel is one of the most practical and widely used materials. It is used for appliances, utensils, maybe even the splashback (and don’t forget the nuts and bolts that actually hold your kitchen together). It is one of the staple materials of the interiors world. 

Open-plan modern kitchen
A combination of stainless steel worktops with Bulthaup cabinets create a stunning design by Kitchen Architecture.

How to use stainless steel in your kitchen

Walk through the kitchen door of any modern home and you will see stainless steel sinks, taps, stove tops, ovens, fridges, door handles, hinges, and small appliances. Enter any professional kitchen – be it a McDonald’s or a Michelin-starred restaurant – and you’ll see a fully stainless steel kitchen.

Stainless steel is extraordinarily hygienic and no other material can match its ability to withstand vigorous daily cleaning. Stephen Johnson, managing director at Quooker UK and Ireland, explains why: “Stainless steel has no material pores to harbour dirt, making it virtually impossible for bacteria to gain a foothold.” 

Stainless steel cooker and hood
Design by Naked Kitchens.

Maintenance tips

Contrary to its name, stainless steel can sometimes become marked. However, a combination of  scrubbing and science will mean most stains and watermarks can be removed. Plus regular daily cleaning is easy with a non-abrasive cloth and a light cleanser.

During the past few years, myriad products have appeared on the market and new variations have appeared. The classic, timeless silver has been joined by coloured stainless, which is growing in popularity.

Armstrong tap in Brushed silver, from £139.95, Plank Hardware.

Jo Sargent, sales and marketing director at Franke UK, has some interesting insights: “Coloured, metallic, stainless steel sinks continue to grow in popularity. It has an eye-catching and luxurious appearance, which can elevate all styles of kitchen. This reflects the trend towards design personalisation in the home, with people looking to express their personal tastes and preferences.”

So, whether your stainless steel is a classic silver or a fun new colour like copper, claret, brushed bronze or black, the material will never disappoint or go out of style.

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Sustainable stainless steel

Stainless steel is an alloy of multiple-core materials like iron and corundum. Most production processes also use a percentage of recycled steel because the material can be melted down and used repeatedly. By using a combination of heat and other processes, the final result is a durable material.

Stainless steel hot water tap
Nordic round twin taps, £1,500, Quooker.

Since it is a recyclable material, experts consider it to have a lower environmental impact than other materials. “Moving away from a linear economy into a circular economy is a viable solution to a sustainable future. It will help fight our global war on waste,” says Ronke Ugbaja, leader of product management at Grohe UK.

Nathan Kingsbury, founder of Nathan Kingsbury Design, believes that truly sustainable qualities aren’t just about the initial environmental impact during production. “My opinion is that the longevity of the material is crucial,” says Nathan, “and having an almost indefinite lifespan makes it an excellent choice.” 

Orange framed kitchen
Orange powder-coated steel-frame kitchen units, price on application, Jetsam Made. 

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