Want to know how much a kitchen costs?

So, you’re about to embark on a home renovation, or kitchen refresh, and you want to know how much a kitchen costs? Well, to be honest, there’s not really a black and white answer for that (sorry!). I think the question you should be asking yourself is – “how much do I want to spend on my new kitchen?”. Let me explain…

In my years working for Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine I have interviewed and written about kitchens that have ranged drastically in price.

For example, I’ve spoken to homeowners who have simply refreshed their cupboard doors, kept the layout the same and updated their worktops and appliances – costing well under £10,000. While other homeowners have gone completely bespoke for their new kitchen and spent well over £250,000. Can you see why I can’t put a precise figure on how much a kitchen costs?

According to kitchen designer Diane Berry, who spoke to Lindsay for her How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom podcast on the subject of how much kitchens cost, she can’t see how a complete kitchen could be under £15,000-£20,000. After reading this don’t forget to give it a listen!

So, while it’s near impossible for me to give you the average kitchen renovation cost in the UK, I can help guide you on what or where you should be spending your money.

Washwood collection in polished brass and unlacquered finish, Armac Martin.

First off, have a conversation with whoever you’re doing the renovation with. How much do you want to invest in your kitchen? Ask yourselves questions like, “is this our forever home?” “How do we want to use the space?” (If you’re keen chefs, top quality appliances is a must, for example.) And remember, be realistic.

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What will cost most money in my new kitchen?

Cabinets are the bones of your kitchen and depending on which company you use, and whether you go bespoke or not, can take up a large bulk of your budget. Look at how much storage you’ll need, as the amount of cabinetry you include will inevitably affect the final quote.

Could you opt for open shelving instead of wall units, for example? Or a large dining table in the centre of the scheme, instead of an island? What material you use, from MDF to timber, will also influence the price.

Benjamin Moore‘s Regal Select Matte, decorator’s white OC 149, £24.50 per 1lL. For the cabinets, Advance Matte in Hale Navy HC 154, £24.50 per 1L.

How much will appliances cost?

Appliances can usually take up around 10-20% of your budget. However, if you love to cook this could be more like 40-50%. So, talk to your designer about your lifestyle and what, or how, you like to cook.

For example, are you a large family and need extra capacity fridge-freezers and ovens? Do you love to entertain and want to impress guests with a boiling-hot water tap?

What about worktops?

Worktops, just like cabinets, can vary in price. (For example, the practically indestructible Dekton from Conesntino starts at £450 per sq m). Talk to your designer about worktops, and how you plan to use your kitchen.

For instance, you could mix and match: having a tougher worktop that is scratch and stain proof in your preparation area, and something like wood – which adds warmth and character, on the breakfast bar, to help with costs.

 Rossio matt black pendant with gold inner, £138. Iconic Lights.

Don’t forget about installation costs

Installation by professionals is really important. Although an extra cost usually added on the end of the final quote, while it may seem like a lot, having professionals fit your kitchen will mean everything is in properly.

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You’ve invested so much into your new kitchen, you may as well make sure it’s the way it should be, right? Talk to your designer about your installation options.

Quick Step massimo collection, Winter Storm Oak Extra Matt Oiled Hardwood. £93.50 per sq m.

What else should I budget for?

Lighting is often a final thought, when it really should be planned right at the beginning. Poor lighting where your preparation area is will be very annoying, trust me. If you want to create an atmosphere with mood lighting, talk to you designer about including some within the design – from inside glass cabinetry to the plinths.

The details are decorative features that really complete the look of your kitchen, but are often forgotten about when planning the budget. For example, wall paint, splashback tiles, flooring and handles are all important to consider when coming up with a budget.

What I hope you’ve taken from this article is that, while we can’t give you a precise average renovation cost for kitchens, there’s lots of things to consider when creating your budget. So whether your apartment needs a bit of kitchen therapy, or your semi-detached is having a new kitchen-diner extension, think about all the above points, and you’re well on your way to creating your dream kitchen.

Featured image: Alloy splashback in white crackle tile, £265 For 3050mm X 600mm, Bushboard.

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