Your guide to buying a new kitchen worktop

Get the best of both worlds with kitchen worksurfaces that not only look fantastic but also pack a punch in terms of practicality. 

Universally, kitchen designers agree that one of the most important decisions that a homeowner can make during their kitchen renovation is their choice of worktop. It is one of the most expensive and most used parts of the kitchen, so you have to get it right. 

mixed and matched worktops, white veiny surface and wood
H Miller Bros handcrafted this bespoke wooden kitchen and paired it with Caesarstone’s 5143 White Attica, £400 per sq m. It mixes the beauty of natural wood grains and the marvellous marble patterns on the worktop.

Choosing the right worktop takes time and you should liaise closely with your designer to find your perfect match. “Worktops are chosen based on two factors: functionality and style,” says Ben Bryden, sales and marketing director at Rak Ceramics UK.

And your choice of worktop can determine the rest of your kitchen design, so it’s a good place to start. “Once you have chosen the layout of your kitchen, we would always recommend you start as early as possible with the stone,” says Oliver Webb of Cullifords. “It’s easy to change paint or cupboard colours after you have chosen the stone but not so easy the other way around.”

Kitchen island marble worktop with waterfall edge
Coordinate your worktop with a sleek waterfall edge and a stylish sink for a seamless finish. Sintered stone in Bianco Giulia by Lapitec, price on application. 

Eco kitchen worktops

Focusing on the future during the initial design stage is a great way to be sustainable. Jane Campbell, strategy director at Surface Matters, explains: “Eighty per cent of a project’s environmental impact is determined in the design phase. You need to think ahead and choose a material with every phase of a project in mind – from design and fit-out, to use, rip-out and beyond.”

An eco-friendly worktop is only genuinely sustainable when you also think of the end of its life as well as the materials and resources put into creating it. “Not only should the manufacturing process and the materials used be sustainable, but the entire life cycle of the product should be clear,” says Gavin Shaw, general manager at Laminam UK. “For example, can it be recycled at the end of its life to ensure that nothing will end up in landfill?”

Sustainable wooden kitchen with eco worktop
Elevate your kitchen design by pairing rich wooden elements with a worktop crafted from recycled wood dust. No Chip sheets, from £615 each, Foresso.

The latest sustainable worktop designs include innovative solutions such as Diamik, made from recycled glass, and Foresso, which crafts terrazzo-style panels from waste wood. Surface Matters works with a range of different manufacturers, such as Richlite and Durat, to offer a diverse selection of surfaces, including designs made from recycled plastic and solid paper composite.  

Modern blue kitchen design
Durat by Surface Matters uses recycled plastic to create its worktops. You’ve endless colour choices as there are over 300 shades to choose from. Price on application. 

The latest worktop designs include more earthy colours and quiet luxury, according to Hege Lundh, marketing and business development director at Lundhs Real Stone. “We will see a shift towards a natural yet deep colour palette in our homes,” says Hege. “Another trend is earthy shades, from terracotta reds and browns to mustard yellows and forest greens.”

White kitchen in Scandi style
Opt for the timeless elegance of a pristine white worktop. Look for one infused with subtle dimension and colour, 
like Hi-macs Gravilla Snow worktop, priced £300 per linear m.

Darker tones, matt textures and waterfall edges are also becoming increasingly fashionable, according to Mor Krisher, head of design at Caesarstone. “Waterfall edges are becoming more popular, particularly when it comes to contemporary kitchens,” says Mor. “These features can help create the sleek and minimal look that people want in a modern kitchen space.” Another trend we’ve spotted is matching your kitchen splashback to your worktop, creating a seamless, continuous look. Not just a practical feature, this will also create a statement, especially if you choose designs with bolder veining.” 

Most importantly, you need to create a space that’s unique to your kitchen design. And, luckily, with all the new and emerging types of worktops available in thousands of shades, textures and also eco-friendly materials, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect solution for your kitchen design. To see more worktop trends take a look at our guide for 2024.

island with invisible hob
Cutting-edge technology now enables worktop manufacturers to seamlessly integrate hobs, resulting in a sleek and distinctive design. Featured here is the innovative Cooking Rak by Rak Ceramics. Price on application.

How to buy a new kitchen worktop

While samples can give you a good idea about the look and feel of a worktop, nothing beats seeing the whole slab in person. Many worktop brands such as Rak Ceramics in central London and Caesarstone in Enfield, North London, have dedicated showrooms where you can see the company’s full range. Each one resembles a contemporary art gallery, where the slabs are elegantly displayed on the walls, inviting you to both reach out and explore their surfaces and admire their aesthetic appeal. 

And if you are buying natural stone, you can even pick the exact piece you want from a warehouse, where you’ll find rows of beautiful slabs to look at and touch, from granite to marble to quartz, laid out so you can see the different variations in colour. You have the freedom to select the perfect slab for your project, whether it’s marble with exquisite veining or quartz with a dazzling shimmer.

Green kitchen island and cabinetry with matching surfaces
Infuse boldness into your kitchen by opting for vibrant and colourful worktops from Made a Mano. The handcrafted surfaces are made in Denmark. Price on application. 

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