Clever ways to make your small bathroom bigger

Vanity bathroom unit

Having an ensuite with a freestanding tub in the middle of the bathroom, complete with a walk-in shower would be a luxury for many of us. However, if like me you have a compact bathroom – you’ll soon see that it doesn’t have to look cluttered or cramped when you incorporate a few clever tricks. So, whatever its dimensions, here’s how you can make the most out of your space.

Measure up
Firstly, make a list of your key requirements. I’m guilty of getting carried away with choosing my favourite basin or tub before even taking the time to find out whether they actually fit into my space. So, things to note include – is a bath a must-have or would you prefer to devote the space to a more generous showering area? Also, think about whether you want twin basins with lots of storage for towels and toiletries, a shower toilet or bidet. Before visiting a showroom, it’s a good idea to sketch out a plan of your room with length and width dimensions, taking note of the position of windows, doors, awkward angles and the height of any sloping ceilings.
Freestanding bath

Create a focal point with a freestanding bath. Baby Tyne Copper Nickel bath, £5545, Drummonds.

Fitted furniture
For me, on top of my wishlist is storage. I have far too many lotions and potions – most of which I don’t ever use. That’s why fitted furniture would be the perfect solution for my small bathroom to hide away all of my bits and bobs. From sleek and streamlined designs, to wall hung, there’s plenty of options to free up space. You may also want to consider recessed mirror cabinets and niches for shelves.
Pink double vanity unit

Add personality to your bathroom with colourful fitted furniture. L Cube, Furniture Collection, Price on application, Duravit.

Create an illusion
As well as choosing the right fixtures and fittings, you can add more room in many other ways. For example, you can use reflective mirror tiles to boost the sense of space. By allowing natural light to bounce around the room, this will trick the eye into thinking it’s bigger. Another tip would be to use large-format tiles. Choosing tiles with fewer grout lines is a great option for expanding the size of your bathroom – plus there’s far less cleaning involved!
Large-format tiles

Create the illusion of more space with large-format tiles. Black marble, £22.99 per sq m, Mandarin Stone.

Right, all this writing about bathrooms has inspired me to have a pamper sesh…

Featured image: Add a statement with fitted furniture – great for hiding away your collection of cosmetics. The Vogue tall unit is priced at £235, Frontline Bathrooms.

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