These are the best house plants for your bathroom

Whether you have green fingers, are a skilled plant parent or simply a botanical novice, you probably already know that house plants are little miracle workers which can reduce our stress levels and improve our moods. But what if placed in the bathroom?

Plants have amazing heath benefits, from boosting concentration and purifying the air to absorbing extra moisture and creating a calming environment. However, there are particular house plants which thrive in really humid spaces, like your ensuite, family bathroom, or less-frequently used rooms like your guest bathroom, and can survive after a steamy hot shower or a weeks without water.

To bring a touch of the outdoors in and create a Zen atmosphere, scroll down for ten beautiful house plants for your bathroom. And yes, don’t worry, these are some of the easiest plants to care for and the hardest ones to kill.

The Asparagus fern
Ferns are ideal for bathrooms as they love lots of moisture in the air – this keep its light leaves fresh. It purifies the air and helps create healthy air humidity in your bathroom. This house plant loves warmth and moderate shade to soft light. However, make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight to ensure you don’t kill it on its first day home.
house plants for bathroom
Gus Asparagus Fern with clay pot, £22, Patch.
The Cast-iron plant
Also known as Aspidistra elatior, this plant is incredibly easy to look after as it thrives in full shade. Pop it in your downstairs loo or on an open shelf as it doesn’t require high humidity. Mist the green glossy leaves occasionally to keep it nice and free of dust, and water it less during winter. Plus, it will absorb harmful chemicals and improve the air quality in your bathroom.
cast iron plant
Aspidistra elatior plant, £32.99, crocus.
The Golden Pothos
This heart-shaped indoor trailing, climbing or hanging plant is set to create a tropical feeling in your bathroom. All it needs is to be sat in indirect light, with a few hours of daily sunlight, an occasional mist and water whenever the soil is dry. Keep in mind that it is poisonous if ingested so keep it away from little ones. When it gets too long, don’t be afraid to trim it – it will grow right back.
house plants for bathroom
Epipremnum aureum 20 x 50cm, £22.99, Hortology.

The Dracaena marginata
Most dragon trees prefer humid environments, are low maintenance and really easy to grow. This plant has long and slender leaves, hugged by red margins, which bloom from small canes. Place it close to a window but still in a shady spot and create a bohemian sanctuary, perfect for a relaxing bath. Forgot to water it? Good news, it won’t be upset with you. Check the soil every week and only water it when the top part is dry.
Dracaena marginata
Dracaena marginata, £44.99, Crocus.
The Peace Lily
If you love the sophisticated look and are looking for house plants to reflect your aesthetic, this one is perfect for you! The elegant peace lilies with bright green leaves and crisp white flowers are native to tropical rainforests but love it over here too. They prefer high humidity and indirect light, plus lots of water. So, make sure you keep an eye on the soil to not let it get too dry.
house plants for bathroom
Moyses Stevens Peace Lily potted plant 40cm, £25, Selfridges.
The spider plant
Even though it can grow in any environment, from partly-shady to a couple of hours in direct sunlight, spider plants prefer bright indirect light and love moisture. So if your bathroom has a big window that floods the space with light, it will make a nice home for it. To care for this fast-growing ribbon plant, you have to water it occasionally and keep drier during winter. Hang it next to your basin in a macramé pot or place it on top your medicine cabinet to enjoy its trailing stems.
spider plant
Chlorophytum comosum ‘Ocean’, £11.99, Waitrose Garden.
The snake plant
Funnily, this hard-leaved tropical plant is also known as mother-in-law’s Tongue. It is a great air-purifier as it absorbs CO2 and other toxins and is one of the easiest plants to have around. The bathroom is an ideal spot as it loves warmth and bright light. So, create a nice botanical corner next to your freestanding bath – go for a tall brass table and place your spikey plant on there along with your other bathroom-friendly green favourites.
house plants for bathroom
Sansevieria (Snakey) in Almond Stoneware pot, £20.50, The Little Botanical.
From single-stem to triple-stem, with white, blush pink, terracotta or bright burgundy flowers, orchids come in many sizes and shades. Orchids love high humidity and steamy rooms (as long as they are well ventilated), and can thrive even with minimal sunlight. Transform your bathroom into a luxury calming spa with this simple, yet elegant house plant.
Phalaenopsis Orchid ceramic, £30, M&S.
Aloe Vera
This plant will not only look great in your bathroom, but it will also offer you its healing benefits. You can use the juice of this plant to soothe cuts, rashes and burns – a great handy helper around the house. It can grow in high or low light, and absorbs moisture, which makes it perfect for your ensuite. Generally easy to look after, it only needs water when the top two inches of the soil get dry. But make sure you don’t over-water it as that will definitely be the end of it!
calathea ornata
Aloe Vera in curved fiberclay pot, £30, The Stem.
The Calathea Ornata
Love the pink and green colour combo and want to go all-out in your bathroom? Then, this rich green leaved house plant with pink and white lines running throughout and a deep burgundy underside will definitely add the wow factor to your space. It needs to be in a high humidity space to prosper and an occasional mist to make sure the leaves don’t go dry. Keep it in full or partial shade and make sure the soil is always damp. This beautiful jungle plant goes to sleep after the sun sets, folding its leaves into an upright position.
Calathea Ornata (19cm), £27, Bloombox Club.

So, which one of these beautiful house plants will you add in your bathroom? Comment below…

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