VIDEO: How to design a cloakroom (i.e the downstairs loo)

These days most of us will have a downstairs loo (or cloakroom as they’re often called if you’re being more polite). Or, we’re strongly considering putting one in. What with all that extra handwashing and time at home meaning an extra toilet will come in VERY handy, adding downstairs loo is a practical and often value-boosting home project.

In fact, any dwelling that has been constructed after 1999 will likely have a ground-floor toilet installed which has been designed to cater for any wheelchair users as standard – generally a downstairs loo is a great, accessible option and a good way to future proof your home too, if you can add a shower.

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But with little wiggle room to play with, how can you ensure your cloakroom works well and looks good at the same time? I chatted with interior designer Julia Alexander to find out…

I chatted to interior designer Julia Alexander about how best to design a downstairs loo.

Julia has some great tips and design ideas for the downstairs loo. The key things I took away were:

  • Think about the flow of your house and where access is best (you don’t want to traipse through the whole house to get to the loo, right?).
  • Add sound proofing for extra privacy – this could be through the decor you choose as well as the type of door.
  • A sliding door could save space.
  • Tiles might not be the best option. But if you do tile, draw a plan before you choose a design.
  • Bring in some bold design choices – because why not?
  • Baskets are super useful in a downstairs loo!
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Featured image: Bathroom design by CP Hart.

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