5 real kitchen renovations to inspire your next project

Planning a new project in the new year? If you’re looking for kitchen inspiration to get your moodboard going, you’re in the right place!

We round up five of our favourite kitchen renovations straight out of KBB magazine’s glossy pages – from TV personality Linda Barker‘s green kitchen to a grand, open-plan space with a multi-functional central island, perfect for both entertaining and family life.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Green shaker kitchen

Owners Kate and Andrew bought this Victorian pump house in the Wirral, Merseyside and wanted to create a vibrant space where they could cook and socialise more easily. So, they chose H Miller Bros to design and build their new kitchen.

green Shaker kitchen design with marble flooring and patterned wallpaper
We love the deep green Shaker cabinets, painted in Hunter’s Leaf by Ca’ Pietra, with Arabescato marble worktops.

Top of their priority list for the kitchen renovation were plenty of clever storage ideas and a generous marble worktop. Scroll down to take a look at the floor plans…

The plans:

green design plans

1 LayoutH Miller Bros decided to create space by moving the dining room from the centre of the room to the corner; they also built a bench seat placed snugly into the corner.

2 Island – The position of the large island allows the couple to prepare food while facing the living area of the room – perfect for socialising and keeping an eye on their children. The cool marble worktop is ideal for their love of baking and making pasta.

3 Pantry – By using bespoke cabinetry the Miller brothers were able to exploit all the unusually shaped niches in the kitchen.

Click here to tour more of this beautiful property.

2. Moody design

The homeowners, interior designer Stephanie and senior construction manager Adam, asked Miles Griffies at Red Squirrel Architects to reconfigure the ground floor of their home and help make the available space flow better.

dark red kitchen design with open shelving
This dark red kitchen units have been built along one wall, with integrated appliances for a clean aesthetic. Photography: Adelina Iliev.

The building and site’s constraints dictated the way the extension would look, because there is a bathroom on the first floor at the rear of the property that sits half a level down. “My team and I had to design around this, so we dug down and introduced steps from the kitchen-diner to create the living area that feels intimate,” explains Miles of Squirrel Architects.

As for the units, Stephanie’s once-favourite lipstick inspired the final shade. “On the units I wanted to achieve the deep red colour of a Rimmel lipstick I wore as a teenager called Black Cherry,” says Stephanie.

To see more of this beautiful design, click here.

The plans:

1 Knocking through The previous kitchen was separate from the dining area.

2 Layout A new open-plan design allows lots of opportunity and space for people to socialise.

3 Storage A long run of floor and wall units with open shelving offers maximum storage along one wall of the kitchen.

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3. Luxury kitchen renovation

After six years of renting, the husband and wife team behind kitchen design studio Sheraton Interiors, Shehryar and Nadia Khan, finally bought their first property together. 

luxury kitchen design with central island
A large expanse of glazing lets in plenty of natural light, which makes the luxury kitchen feel open and bright. Photography: Nick Smith Photography. Styling: Alex Crabtree.

“We imagined something bold and exciting: a mid-century modern space incorporating Japandi elements,” says Shehryar. “Being a bit of a tech geek, I also wanted to showcase how far the kitchen industry has come, incorporating technology within the cooking area and appliances.”

Click here to discover more of this gorgeous space.

The plans:

luxury kitchen plans

1 Island The central unit boasts a unique marble worktop, plentiful storage, a flush-fitted hob, and an overhang for seating.

2 Cabinetry The main run of units includes a breakfast pantry with a built-in coffee machine.

3 Wet zone A boiling-water tap eliminates the need for a kettle, while a waste disposal unit helps with food waste.

4. Kitchen-diner extension

The brief for this project included removing a structural wall that separated a glazed side extension and kitchen to create one large, warm, bright room. At the same time, architect Jo Edwards designed a fun kitchen-diner that would be unusual and joyful for homeowner Gillian.

Large renovation with pink steel beams and glazing
Open shelving is the perfect place for memorabilia, while leaving some walls as exposed brick helps bring the outside in. Photography: Adelina Iliev.

By removing the wall, Jo created a large opening in the dividing wall and inserted exposed steel beams, now painted in a fun shade of pink. In the kitchen area, a long run of units houses the main appliances including the fridge, hob and ovens. Click here to see more.

The plans:

kitchen-diner plans

1 Island The long central unit includes plenty of preparation space, plus open shelving, room for two barstools, and the sink and tap.

2 Light Gillian wanted to enjoy natural light for dining and reading, so placed the dining table in the extension.

3 Entertaining A bespoke drinks cabinet has been built into part of the remaining old structural wall.

5. Linda Barker‘s kitchen renovation

TV personality Linda Barker and her husband Chris gave their kitchen a complete makeover as part of a whole-house renovation. They created a generous new space and Linda designed the cabinetry, while Chris later assembled it.

Linda Barker's green modern kitchen
Linda Barker‘s green kitchen includes a large run of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, finished in recycled timber, featuring plenty of storage. Photography: Heidi Marfitt.

A large run of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, finished in recycled timber, features plenty of storage. “I hate, hate, hate, cupboards,” she laughs. “Things get lost in them. I’m slightly obsessed with detail and have drawers for specific things.”

Click here to discover more, including the back kitchen. 

The plans:

Linda Barker kitchen plans

1 Cabinetry run Drawers mostly make up the length of cabinetry, as Linda finds cupboards less than useful! A breakfast cupboard, preparation area and built-in ovens also occupy the space.

2 Island The uber-functional central unit includes a downdraft hob, fridge drawers, side sink and integrated food bin.

3 Drinks area This dedicated zone has everything you need to make tea, coffee or juice.

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