Blue Shaker-style kitchen ideas to put on your moodboard

a blue shaker-style kitchen featuring wooden stools around a marble kitchen island

Do you love the look of a blue Shaker-style kitchen? Then scroll through the ‘gram and you’re bound to come across a design in this much sought-after shade. I know I’ve double tapped rather a few.

The perfect blend of classic design style and on-trend colour, a blue Shaker-style kitchen works so well both in a modern or a period home. So the beauty of this look is you can really amp up the vibe for a maximalist look (think accents of pink and bold patterned tiles). However, you can also keep things on the traditional side with marble, neutral pairings and brass taps.

When I’m putting together the magazine, there are always plenty of lovely blue Shaker-style kitchens to choose from to fill the pages. So what better way to show them off that to collect some of the best in this very blog post?

Here’s my latest pick of these beautiful kitchens to put on your moodboard…

(Oh and if you’re not sure what type of cabinetry you’re after, take our quiz!)

a blue shaker-style kitchen with a large island with three pendant lights above it
Firstly: a blue painted island adds an accent to this otherwise white kitchen. Design by Kitchens Bespoke where kitchens start from £25,000.
two islands with marble worktops and royal cabinetry beneath them
Secondly, the bright blue Shaker-style kitchen units in this Higham Furniture design offer plenty of storage and prep space. Also, two islands… dreamy! From £30,000, excluding appliances.
a blue shaker-style kitchen with three pendant lights above an island with a built-in seating area
Thirdly: you’d never know this kitchen was once a warren of smaller rooms. The owners renovated the space to create this large area, complete with stylish blue Shaker-style kitchen. Also, just look at that clever built-in banquette seating – lovely. Designed by West End Interiors, the kitchen is by Davonport. Photography: Darren Chung.
typical navy frame look cupboards next to a splashback with hexagonal turquoise tiles
Fourthly: designed by Day True, this kitchen is a modern take on a classic blue Shaker-style kitchen. With a slimmer profile, the doors have that Shaker-typical frame look, but with a sleeker finish.
a blue shaker-style kitchen with traditional navy cabinetry
So who said dark blue can’t work in a small kitchen? Take a look at this lovely design in a flat in London. The kitchen is from Devol with the herringbone flooring adding to the classic-modern feel. Design, Huntsmore. Photography: Jody Stewart.
a pale lavender Alexander Lewis design with three pendant lights above an island
You don’t have to go for a dark blue. Take two paler shades like in this kitchen and you have another winning formula. The look is more on the classic, vintage side of the scale, but just as lovely. Blue Shaker-style kitchen, Alexander Lewis. Photography: James French.
a blue shaker-style kitchen with navy cabinetry and a white kitchen island
This Devol kitchen has actually recycyled from the owner’s previous scheme. The units were re-sprayed in Pantry Blue (a Devol shade) to fit in with a new look. Clever. Take a closer look here. Photography: Jemma Watts Photography.

More gorgeous Shaker-style kitchen designs

JS Geddes brass handles on navy cabinetry in a large room with white windows
This spacious kitchen by JS Geddes oozes sophistication, right? The blue Shaker-style kitchen units sing against the white worktops and brass handles. And with the glazed units above the sink, there’s plenty of storage. Check out the matching utility below. Kitchens start from £50,000.
a utility room with brass handles on navy cabinetry that matches the blue shaker-style kitchen
This utility room matches with the kitchen (shown above) creating a seamless design. Design by JS Geddes where kitchens start from £50,000.
a Martin Moore design with wooden stools under a marble island with navy cabinetry
Bespoke cabinetry from Martin Moore‘s English collection is painted in Pale Grey and Prussian Blue for a timeless combination. Martin Moore kitchens start from £35,000.
a blue shaker-style kitchen with navy cabinetry
This property’s classic architecture dictated the kitchen design, plus the owners wanted to recreate the look of a traditional dresser and saw the open shelving in a magazine. The blue Shaker-style kitchen is from Neptune. Photography: Rachael Smith.
Lily Pebbles' home featuring traditional navy cabinetry
Black appliances match the steel glazing in this kitchen by Herringbone Kitchens in Lily Pebbles’ home. Take the house tour.
a blue shaker-style kitchen featuring traditional navy cabinetry
Choose a matt finish kitchen unit like B&Q’s 8 units Artemisia matt midnight blue Shaker-style kitchen, £1,298.
a very large blue shaker-style kitchen with navy and grey cabinetry and silver pendant lights
The decision to knock together the separate kitchen and dining room and extend out to the rear meant this new room could accommodate the spacious kitchen the owners wanted, complete with cabinetry from Laura Ashley Kitchen Collection. Take the house tour.
a blue shaker-style kitchen painted royal blue, with a kitchen island with grey stools around it
Blue Shaker-style kitchen, from £20,000, Harvey Jones.
a neutral-coloured island with three silver pendant lights above it and navy bar stools around it
Lastly: blue is the favourite colour of this kitchen’s owner so it made sense to choose it for the design. The dark shade is offset with a neutral island, helping the tall back units blend into the wall without the colour becoming too dominant. Kitchen, bar stools and lights from Martin Moore. Martin Moore kitchens start from £35,000. Photography: Darren Chung.

So, did you love these gorgeous kitchens? Then you’ll also enjoy this inspo gallery of modern Shaker-style kitchens.

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