Virtual reality kitchen design: view yours before it’s built

virtual reality kitchen design

Imagine stepping into your dream kitchen and giving it a test drive before agreeing to the final design. Well, that’s exactly what the latest virtual reality tech from Virtual Worlds can do for you.

Virtual reality kitchen design opens up a whole new world. Ever wished you could actually see and experience your new kitchen before signing on the dotted line and putting down a deposit? The thought of a new design is always exciting. But as an investment with an infinite number of options on offer and decisions to be made, the process can be daunting. And let’s be honest, you don’t want to spend the next 10 to 15 years in a scheme with a layout or style that you regret.

Virtual reality kitchen design

So, why not test out your new kitchen as part of the design process? By donning some VR goggles, you could do just that. Let’s take a look at how it works…

VR will give you virtual hands

Not only will you feel like you’re actually in the room, you’ll be able to walk around it and use virtual reality hands to open units and appliances. This is incredibly useful when trying to ensure door openings are the perfect height and working out the correct left or right swing configuration.

virtual reality kitchen design
Virtual reality kitchen design: Stepping into your own kitchen.

Virtual reality kitchen design: See instant changes right before your eyes

This clever technology lets you compare options including colours, styles, and layout. So if you’re not sure about the granite worktop or might fancy a darker shade of blue on your units? Then you’ll be able to tweak the 4D experience and spend time pondering what works best.

Virtual reality kitchen design: Check the layout works

It’s all very well saying you want the fridge next to the entrance to the kitchen, but what if you can gain more storage space with additional units by placing it in another spot? Or maybe you want a large, open worktop area for food prep next to the kitchen sink? By diving into your new kitchen and testing out how you’ll be using the space, you can be sure you’re getting a dream kitchen that not only looks amazing, but is designed around you and your kitchen habits.

View your kitchen from every perspective

With Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre, you can really immerse yourself in the design. Walk around, crouch, and view every part of the space from all angles and viewpoints. But what about different times of the day? Well, you can set the virtual time to view your kitchen during the day or evening. Then you’ll see how natural light affects the look of the space. And you change the time setting, the clocks on the wall of the virtual room also change – clever!

Watch the seasons change

A new kitchen should last you a long time, right? So you’ll need to make sure you like the look year-round. My top tip when using Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre, is to make the most of the time settings by also changing the time of year. In doing this you can see at what point in the day the autumn sun shines through your kitchen window. Then you can see how it looks in bright summer sun.

allows you to see your remodel in both day and night time settings.
Virtual Worlds allows you to see your kitchen in both day and night time settings.

Want to see your new kitchen in virtual reality?

More than 300 showrooms use Virtual Worlds 4D technology, which allows you to step inside a true-to-life simulation of your design. When people ask me how to get started using 4D technology, I advise going to your local independent retailer with Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre. To really get the most out using Virtual Worlds, I suggest talking to your designer about the options you’re considering in advance. This is so they can have them ready for you to compare.

Want to test drive your dream kitchen? To find your nearest independent retailer with Virtual Worlds Theatre, visit

We created this feature in partnership with Virtual Worlds.

Now you’ve seen what virtual reality can do in terms of kitchens, check out this feature on VR bathrooms.

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