5 bathroom trends 2024: colour drenching, family spaces and more

With multi-generational living, sustainability, and spa-like spaces on the rise, in 2024 we can expect our bathrooms to cleverly mix aesthetics with practicality.

If you are planning a renovation this year or love finding out about the latest design focuses, you’re in luck. We round up five bathroom trends 2024 that not only ensure your design looks beautiful but that it’s highly practical too…

Multi-generational bathrooms

Multi-generational living is on the rise, which means our homes need to cater to a range of ages, from young to elderly, as well as different needs. “Extended families living together in one household are becoming more common, in part due to our ageing population. As a result, there is an increasing demand for homes, especially bathrooms, that accommodate multiple generations,” say the experts at bathroom manufacturer Laufen

So, if you are planning a family bathroom in 2024, your design should prioritise accessibility and safety for everyone in the household.

What does this look like? Picture easy-to-access washing spaces with helpful metallic rails or seats, stylish non-slip floor tiles, underfloor heating, shower toilets and thermostatic brassware. Click here for more advice on designing a future-proof bathroom.

family bathroom design with walk-in shower
The team at Brighton-based Pier 1 Bathrooms configured this space to maximise the generous walk-in shower and to include a stunning double vanity area. The handy integral shower shelf offers an extra place to display your favourite toiletries.

Focus on lighting

Lighting is a key element in any bathroom – it can help you set a relaxing mood or offer the best task illumination for getting ready in the morning. “Bathroom lighting can significantly impact the overall ambience, functionality, and aesthetics of the space,” says Jorge Hernandez, product and design manager at Bathroom Brands Group.

However, in 2024, we’re seeing more daring lighting solutions. Think grand chandeliers and cool pendants, or strip lights in shower nooks. Just make sure to check your lighting’s IP rating before purchasing to make sure it is suitable to be used in bathrooms. 

And, apart from wall and ceiling fixtures, LED mirrors are another great addition that helps improve the functionality of your design while making a style statement.

bathroom trends 2024 pendant light above vanity unit
Ritual 800 circular mirror connected by Wiz & Wiz smart switch button, £500, Roper Rhodes.

Click here for our guide to bathroom lighting

Colour drenching

If you’re looking to get a calming and cocooning feeling, then you will love this next bathroom trend. Enter: colour drenching. This trend focuses on using one shade to cover the walls and floors of your room. But can you guess one of the most popular colours in bathrooms in 2024?

“Not a new trend by any stretch of the imagination, but green is going to continue to dominate in 2024. Colour has the power to transform a room, and green represents nature, bringing to mind grassy hills, or if it has a blue undertone, rolling seas,” says Barrie Cutchie, design director at bathroom brand BC Designs.

Green is a timeless shade that can provide that much-needed grounding feeling in your bathroom. You can go for paint and tiles in this dreamy hue, or pick coloured units and accessories while leaving the walls and floors neutral.

“There are so many variations of green tones and hues, from rich jewelled shades of emerald green through to soothing calm of sage, each of which evokes a different emotion and feeling when you enter the room,” adds Barrie.

bathroom trends 2024 colour drenching with green
Anara double vanity countertop and Ellery rustic oak veneer furniture unit with Ixora stainless steel brassware, all from bathroom manufacturer Clearwater Interiors.

Spa bathrooms

The last few years have shown us the importance of having that grounding sanctuary feeling in our homes – especially in bathrooms. “I think we’ll see a continuation of soothing, soft, natural neutral shades, organic forms and materials, earthy textures and elemental colours that create a sense of calm, space and luxury throughout the space,” advises Lee Frost, director at bathroom company Waters Baths of Ashbourne.

 “Wood, natural stone, and foliage all have pride of place in a spa bathroom design scheme, where the focal point might be a luxurious, stone freestanding bath sculpted to form smooth organic curves. The emphasis on reconnecting with nature is a trend that is set to continue,” adds Lee. 

For the finishing touch, decorate you spa bathroom with sumptuous textiles, bath trays, wood stools, aromatherapy, and plush robes. Ready to transform your showering and bathing space into a spa-like retreat?

spa space with freestanding bath and natural roller blinds
Thomas Sanderson bathroom blinds, price on application.

Emphasis on eco

Last but not least, sustainability is another big bathroom trend in 2024. “Sustainability is now embedded into society as expected, not just as a ‘nice to have’ feature,” says Richard Shore, head of product design at bathroom company Utopia

So, if you’ve been thinking about making the switch to kinder-to-the-planet solutions, you can now find plenty of options – from eco-friendly furniture to sanitaryware and brassware that reduce water waste in the bathroom.

“Buyers are becoming increasingly concerned about sustainability, but do not want to compromise on the look or performance of the products they specify. The best designers are creating rooms that are timeless in style while leaving some flexibility for minor updates to refresh the look,” explains Emma Joyce, brand manager at House of Rohl.

calming bathroom design with freestanding bath
Roca’s Tura collection has sustainability at the heart of the design.

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