Non-touch taps to keep your kitchen and bathroom cleaner

Non-touch taps? What? Yes, sounds a bit odd at first doesn’t it? You know when you go to a public loo and have to wave your arms around in a sort of Tai Chi motion to get the water to flow – because, well, each loo seems to have a different type of tap? Well, those are the sorts of non-touch taps I’m talking about.

Stay with me though because non-touch taps might be a great way to cleaner kitchens and bathrooms. They help to limit touch points and germs spreading from one surface to another – arm waving entirely optional.

Most of the non-touch taps we experience in public spaces are operated by infra-red sensors, which once activated dispense an amount of water before turning off again. The same sort of designs are available for our kitchens and bathrooms. Not only can they limit touch points, but could even help with water saving too.

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Other non-touch tap options include ones with lever handles that you can nudge on and off with your forearm (say if you have dirty hands) and also ones where the water turns on and off when you touch your arm to the spout – again meaning you can wash your hands without putting sticky fingers on the handles.

Like any tap for your kitchen or bathroom, make sure a new addition is compatible with your plumbing and water pressure and ensure that it will fit onto the surface, basin or sink, making sure the projection isn’t too deep or shallow. If placing under units, make sure there’s enough room above the arch of the spout and also ensure the hole is the correct size for installation – especially if you’re retrofitting it into an existing scheme.

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Non-touch taps for kitchens

non-touch taps
Grohe’s SmartControl Essence tap in polished Warm Sunset has push-and-turn technology which means you can start and stop the water flow with just the push of a button located at the end of the spout and then turn this to adjust the volume of water. You can even turn the tap on hands-free using your wrist or elbow – great if your fingers are covered in dough or raw meat juices. From £608.40.
A hands-free sensor located in the hose arm makes this kitchen mixer a real winner. A left- or right-hand lever plus pull-out hose and magnetic holder make for easy cleaning. Solenta-S tap in chrome, from £798, Blanco.
non-touch taps
CDA’s TC66CH chrome single lever tap may look like a standard tap, but the lever has been designed to be very easy to move, so you can turn the tap on with the slightest touch of a finger – no need to grasp. £89.98.
The Zoe Touch Light Pro tap in matt black, costs £1,999, from KWC. It features push-button functionality for hot and cold water selection, with the desired choice indicated by an LED coloured ring on the touch sensor. It also comes with three preset water temperatures which can be quickly accessed in just a few touches. Also available in chrome.
non-touch taps
With this touch-activated electronic tap from Grohe, you simply touch the spout once with your wrist to start the water flow, and again to turn it off. The Zedra Touch single-lever mixer also features a high spout with 360° swivel and a pull-down shower head with choice of two sprays. £797.41.

Non-touch taps for bathrooms

This long reach contemporary mixer is perfect for pairing with raised or countertop basins and features sensor operation. Aquarius DM tall pillar tap in chrome. £363.57, Dart Valley.
non-touch taps
The deck-mounted Compact tap from RAK Ceramics turns on with infra-red technology and automatically turns off after a few seconds, encouraging water saving. Priced from £256.50.
Bagnodesign’s Aqua Eco deck-mounted infra-red tap has a senor which activates water being dispensed when it senses movement. Price on application from Real Stone & Tile.
non-touch taps
Gessi Inciso sensor tap in black, from £555, at CP Hart.
Dornbracht Meta eSet Touchfree wall-mounted spout, from £700, at CP Hart.

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So, what do you reckon? Will you consider a non-touch tap for kitchen or bathroom? Let me know in the comments below…

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