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    Newlywed & Renovating: my top renovation tips

    Some people naturally love renovating. They get ‘the bug’ and go from house to house, taking on more challenging projects with each step. I think it’s fair to say I am not one of them – although a small part of me wishes I was. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that my husband, Marcus, and I have injected love and personality into a house desperate for some attention feels incredibly rewarding and I love showing family and friends before

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    How practical is open kitchen shelving?


    Shelves cost a lot less money, make the space feel less claustrophobic, and can help add personality by having some of your favourite items on view – for me it’s all about coffee pots, typographical prints, and plants. Shelves replicate professional kitchens, keeping tools, utensils, and key ingredients close to hand.

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    Newlywed & renovating: Bedroom planning

    Bedroom planning

    After weeks of steaming layers of flowery beige designs from the other bedrooms – during a heat wave, I may add – while removing scratchy carpet and dealing with the dusty residue they left behind, the three bedrooms were finally stripped back to their plaster walls and wooden floors

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    Steel-framed glazing ideas: the new bi-fold doors?

    Steel-framed glazing

    Steel-framed glazing can set the tone for the rest of your décor. Why not match your taps, tiling, or other details – from your cooker to your handles – to the colour of the frames for a cohesive feel? The glazing doesn’t have to stop at your outside wall: carry it indoors through room dividers, creating a broken-plan living space to give you the privacy of separate rooms without compromising on space or light.

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    Newlywed & renovating: The cloakroom and utility

    When we first got the keys, the existing kitchen was miniscule, terribly tired, and connected to a separate larger dining room which had also seen better days. Once we knew having a rear extension was possible, we briefly considered knocking down the supporting wall between them to have one large open-plan kitchen-diner

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