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Searching for a built-in oven? Then this is the perfect feature for you. Just take a look at your cooking style to discover your ideal appliance

Looking for a built-in oven as part of your kitchen renovation? Finding the best spot in your space is key, but so is getting the right cooking features to suit you, the way you prepare meals and the type of food you like. Do you enjoy baking? Perhaps you’re a weekend chef who conjures up elaborate, mouth-watering feasts? Or is your cooking more about getting dinner on the table as quickly as possible?

Whichever it is, a multi-functional built-in oven with smart cooking functions can help you. It can save you time, energy and space, and offer you the choice of settings to suit your dish. Smeg’s multi-cooking technology platform offers just that. Available in a range of ovens, and combining traditional cooking with steam and microwave in five configurations, this feature will help you decide which oven is right for you.

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Steam One

Firstly, consider a Steam One built-in oven. These combine traditional cooking with steam.

Key features:

  • Steam cooking at up to 40% humidity in the cavity
  • Pyrolytic cleaning for easy maintenance
  • Evo Screen display to show you time and temperature clearly
  • Soft-close door
smeg cooker
SOP6902S2PP 60cm Victoria Steam One oven in Cream.
Speedwave XL

Secondly, you have the option of a Speedwave built-in oven. These combine traditional cooking with microwave functions.

Key features:

  • Traditional electric oven cooking
  • Inverter technology for even temperature without hot spots
  • Microwave functions for quick suppers
  • Popcorn, melt and soften options
  • Evo Screen display so you can clearly see your chosen settings
SO6302M2X 60cm Classic Speedwave XL oven.
Steam 100 Pro

Thirdly, the Steam 100 Pro built-in oven uses Galileo technology to offer professional kitchen results in quick time.

Key features:

  • Combines traditional cooking with up to 100% humidity steam you can control to your desired level
  • Discreet, easy-to-fill water cavity
  • Sous-vide function and slow precision cooking
  • Multi-step cooking algorithm to activate staged cooking between functions seamlessly
  • Same-time cooking allows you to prepare two dishes at once, even at different settings
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smeg built-in oven
SO4604S4PNR 45cm Dolce Stil Novo Steam 100 Pro oven.
The Omnichef

Lastly, the top-of-the-range Omnichef built-in oven uses all three of the multi-cooking platform’s abilities for total flexibility.

Key features:

  • Traditional, microwave and steam cooking
  • 150 preset recipes
  • Multi-step function which goes through carefully timed electric, steam and microwave cooking stages
  • Reduce cooking times by 70% while retaining nutrients
smeg built-in oven
SO6606APNR 60cm Dolce Stil Novo Omnichef oven.

Handy extras

Once you’ve chosen your perfect built-in oven, don’t forget to give yourself even more flexibility with one of Smeg’s optional cooking accessories. The airfry basket is a great idea for quick and healthier weekday meals, and there’s a griddle tray for that authentic barbecue taste. Then there’s a pizza stone that’ll get the whole family excited to create their own with their favourite toppings. What are yours?

Multi-cooking technology comes in the Dolce Still Novo, Linda, Classic and Victoria ovens. Prices on application. Find out more here.

This article has been created in partnership with Smeg.

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