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    How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom or kitchen?

    Planning bathroom renovation cost

    If you ask me, refurbishing your home with a new kitchen or bathroom will certainly have the biggest positive impact on the way your home looks, functions, its value, and also how much you enjoy using it. But it’s important to remember these projects are usually among the most expensive renovations you’ll do. How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom or kitchen?…

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  • New renovation project plans

    New year, new renovation project

    The new year is often a time when resolutions are made to improve our lives. And if you’re after a major change, it doesn’t come bigger than a planning a new…

  • Curved freestanding bath

    Spa bathrooms: can water help our wellbeing?

    What does the future hold for the humble bathroom? While many houses are incorporating ensuites to every bedroom as part of renovation projects, the main family suite is evolving into the…

  • Choosing tiles should be fun

    Finding the right look, shape, colour, pattern, material, texture (oh my gosh!) of tile might seem a bit overwhelming at first (I get it, don't worry), but I promise it needn’t…


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