Instagram renovation accounts we’re following in 2024

Social media is one of the best places to look for inspiration. And, Instagram has become a hub for all things home renovations.

Through @kbbmagazine, I get to interact with amazing Instagram renovation accounts daily and see a myriad of projects across the UK come together. To help get your moodboard going, here are four accounts that have recently caught my eye…

Instagram renovation accounts to follow in 2024:

1. @the_old_tailors

Built around the 1870s, Leyla and Billy’s property was originally a tailor’s shop. And in 1962 it was converted into a house by the previous owner. We were instantly drawn to the dark kitchen design with timeless chequerboard flooring. We can’t wait to see how the other rooms will be transformed, but first, Leyla tells us more about the renovation…

the proposed plans of Instagram renovation account the_old_tailors
The proposed plans of Instagram renovation account @the_old_tailors.

The initial plans

We fell in love with the house as it was previously a tailor’s shop, which meant the layout was unusual. For example, the only bathroom could be accessed through the master bedroom, so we knew we needed another bathroom – the question was where.

We toyed with adding a third bedroom and one main bathroom at the end of the hallway but scrapped that idea pretty quickly as we don’t do normal. So, we decided to add an ensuite to the second bedroom, leaving the master bedroom with its own ensuite, too. This means our guests have to walk through the spare bedroom/my office. We know it’s not conventional, but it works for us!

guest ensuite bathroom of the_old_tailors
The design of @the_old_tailors’ guest ensuite bathroom.

When it came to the kitchen and middle room, we knew that we wanted to knock through as the middle room didn’t get much sunlight. There was also a downstairs toilet at the back of the house, which was always going to go so we could get a full view of the beautiful garden from the kitchen and dining room.

The before kitchen of the_old_tailors
The before…
The after kitchen of the_old_tailors
and after transformation shots of @the_old_tailors’ kitchen.

The inspiration


I love antiques and classic furniture so we chose to go for a solid wood, Shaker-style kitchen. The Mediterranean is one of my favourite places, so I wanted to bring a little bit of it into our kitchen by using natural stone on the floor, coupled with a warm colour on the walls and rustic, aged brass taps and handles.


I wanted luxury – plenty of space for a super-king bed, a walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite. We were lucky that the back bedroom had the space for this; it just needed a couple of walls knocked down to achieve it.

I’ve always been obsessed with Soho House – their bedrooms are the dream. So I pulled quite a bit of inspiration from there, using both vintage and contemporary pieces.


The word ‘spa’ always came to mind when designing our bathrooms – a calming space where you can just switch off. We’ve kept the designs quite neutral but added my love of the Mediterranean by using zellige-style tiles, marble flooring and natural wood accessories.

Leyla and Billy's dreamy spa-like shower
Leyla and Billy’s dreamy spa-like shower. We love the illuminated niche!

What is a shower niche and why do you need one? Click here to find out

Renovation plans for 2024

The courtyard area needs some love, so this is our next focus. Our back doors open out onto a small courtyard area which leads to a beautiful, bricked-walled garden. Our vision is to have the back doors open on a summer evening with an outdoor dining area. I can’t wait to get designing!

Even though the big work is done internally, as anyone renovating a period property will know, there are always things to do, and the list is long.

2. @rainbowrosalind

If you like colourful interiors, you’ll love this next Instagram renovation account. An explosion of cheerful shades dress the interiors of Rosalind’s home. Think rainbow wardrobes, colourful chequerboard-tiled shower, a pastel kitchen, and so much more. We’ve got our eyes peeled to see what comes next! Here, Rosalind shares more about the initial plans and what’s coming in 2024…

Rainbow wardrobes of Instagram account rainbowrosalind
The colourful wardrobes of Instagram renovation account @rainbowrosalind are an instant mood booster.

The initial plans

Our initial plan included some reconfiguration of the rooms to make the best use of the space and a kitchen extension. However, it’s pretty much ended up being a top-to-toe overhaul and renovation.

Renovation plans for 2024

I’m always finding things to paint and spray paint – I currently have a light and a radiator on my list. I’m also focusing on the patio garden and adding the finishing touches such as photos, art, pictures, soft furnishings, as well as finishing up our Miami-inspired rainbow guest room and renting for visitors Airbnb-style.

Top tips on decorating your home using colour

  • If you surround yourself with colours that you love, then you cannot go wrong and it will bring you joy every day.
  • Sample twice (or 50 times if you’re like me), and paint once!
  • If you are scared of introducing colour, keep the walls neutral and go wild with the woodwork or ceilings.
Kitchen renovation rainbowrosalind
During the renovation process of @rainbowrosalind’s kitchen. We love the green frames!
Kitchen project by rainbowrosalind
A closer look at @rainbowrosalind’s lovely kitchen design.

3. @scouts_edwardianhouse_

Daisy and Gian are renovating their first family home in south west London – an Edwardian Arts & Crafts house from 1905. The pair bought the home, secured planning permission for a loft conversion and an 8m ground-floor extension. However, due to some hiccups along the way, the renovation took longer than expected.

As the couple has only recently moved in, we’re really keen to see how they continue to transform the property into their dream home. Daisy takes us through the renovation and dives into the challenges they’ve overcome…

Renovation of scouts_edwardianhouse_
The building works of Instagram renovation account @scouts_edwardianhouse_.

The initial plans

A full back-to-brick renovation that our first builder told us would be completed in six months. Spoiler: it took two and a half years.

For the kitchen, I initially wanted to go green with matching patio doors, so we could look out into the garden. We bought a paintable kitchen that we haven’t painted yet, but now that it’s in I don’t hate the grey! I might just paint the island in a deep olive green shade at some point.

I love anything chunky and white, so for the bathrooms, I knew from the start I wanted the Burlington Arcade sink style. In the kids’ bathroom, I wanted to create a fun space. So, we went for a chequered blue and white-tiled bath and used blue grout to liven up the basic cream floor tiles.

scouts_edwardianhouse_ open plan kitchen diner
@scouts_edwardianhouse_’s open and bright kitchen-diner.


The challenges we faced were all because of our terrible choice of builders. Our first contractor underpriced the job, then kept ghosting us whilst taking on other jobs to fund ours. Then, he fell out with his crew and had health problems, so it all went really wrong.

We had nine months with no one working on the house at all. Then, our new contractor did basically the same thing and it took him another year to complete the job he said would take four months.

How to find tradespeople for your kitchen or bathroom renovation: click here

scouts_edwardianhouse_ bathroom design with walk-in shower
The progress of @scouts_edwardianhouse_’s bathroom.
scouts_edwardianhouse_ kitchen close up
One of @scouts_edwardianhouse_’s projects for the new year is making the house feel like a home.

Renovation plans for 2024

We plan to make the house feel like a lived-in home! Think lots of art on the walls and DIY-sewing projects for me, such as curtains, banquette seat pads, and new armchair covers. And to make a start on the garden!

4. @lancshomereno

In June 2020, Hannah and her partner bought their first home, which they renovated and sold in May 2022. Later that year in July, the pair bought their second house, which they are currently doing up. With three out of six rooms done, we’re excited to see how the project comes together. Hannah shares her vision for the renovation and her words of advice…

The reality of renovating by Instagram renovation account lancshomereno
The reality of renovating by @lancshomereno.
lancshomereno pretty pink and green bathroom
We love Instagram renovation account @lancshomereno’s pretty pink and green bathroom.

The initial plans

We made a detailed plan of the order we were going to renovate the house in: knock-through, rewiring and re-plumbing – the messy jobs first. We started out with a set budget, but that doesn’t always go to plan. I also created moodboards for each room.

For the bathroom, I had a vision of how I wanted it to look. Then, I based it off of my two favourite colours – pink and green – with a Victorian, eclectic vibe. I wanted it to feel zen, but also vibrant, which I think we’ve achieved.

The kitchen is not finished yet. It is a very dark, smoky green with brass handles. We aim to add pink tiles soon to really make it pop.

A closer look at lancshomereno's pink and green bathroom and the vanity
A closer look at @lancshomereno’s pink and green bathroom.

Renovation plans for 2024

Our renovation plan for 2024 is to complete the open-plan kitchen and dining area, the hallway, stairs, and the master bedroom, along with other areas which need finishing.

Words of advice

My words of advice would be don’t panic. Renovating can be very overwhelming and it is so easy to feel like giving up – whether it’s work on top of work, the money, living in a mess, or time.

It can all get too much at times, but when you look back at all the progress you’ve made, it’s the best feeling ever. Living in a home that you put your heart and soul into, a home that you truly love, is so worth it.

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